Our Small Group Fitness classes are unique, challenging, effective and great when you are short on time. These 30-minute Group Classes offer many benefits, including a lower monthly cost compared to our Group Training, and expert instruction that ensures that you continue to work towards becoming a better version of yourself each month. From high-energy H.I.I.T. Training, Full Body Strength, Core Conditioning, Stretching & Mat Pilates, we have something for everyone!

Look below for our Group Fitness Class descriptions, and once you find your favorite(s), sign up right on our site from our Class Schedule!



This 30 min workout will get you MAXIMUM results in the shortest amount of time. A balanced mix of strength training and cardio intervals will ensure you’re building muscle, burning calories, and having fun! Suitable for ALL fitness levels. Equipment used: Anything and everything, and options are given.


Burn more fat and get great results, in less time! This class will require you to give it your all through quick, intense bursts of activity, followed by short recovery periods. This 30 minute workout will challenge you both physically and mentally. Equipment used: Dumbbells, yoga mat, and water.


This 30 minute class will improve your posture and strengthen your core through a variety of standing and floor based exercises designed to strengthen your entire core - abdominals, lower back muscles, hips and glutes. Equipment used: Dumbbells, yoga mat, and water


Tighten and tone your body with classic strength training moves and functional movement combinations. This 30 minute workout will target and challenge your entire body.
Equipment used: Dumbbells, yoga mat, water


This 30 min workout will strengthen your core from all angles - abdominals, lower back, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. Through a series of floor based core exercises this workout will help build strength, improve posture and flexibility, and give your body a nice strong toned, lean look. Equipment used: Yoga mat and water.


Improve your posture, flexibility, and decrease your stress levels. Relax and lengthen any tight muscles. This 30 min class is a great addition to any fitness and/or strength training routine.
Equipment used: Yoga mat and water