Meet Maggie, Rockstar Client!

Maggie came in for a free 30 minute consultation consultation a few weeks ago. She had knee surgery earlier in the year and was doing PT. She told us that she had been told by the head physiotherapist of where she was going that she shouldn’t squat and that she should probably never try to squat again because it was too much pressure on her knee.

We looked at her in confusion and thought, that makes no sense because without squatting how is she going to get up and down off chairs, the couch, the toilet etc easily?

So, we asked her to show us how far she could squat and stop when she felt any pain. That first day she was scared, she was very hesitant, but she also realized she COULD in fact still squat.

Fast forward a few weeks, she is squatting with confidence, in zero pain, and the best part ... more confident going about her every day life!

We have a few openings for personal training in our private studio. If you know anyone who could relate to this story, or is looking for personal trainers who put safety first, please feel free to tag, or share, this with them.

With older adults we are finding two very common things...

1. They are scared that a trainer will hurt them because they have seen or heard these stories before, and...

2. They are fearful because someone (maybe even themselves) has placed limitations on them and have made them THINK they cannot do certain things.

Sometimes all they need is someone to give them a little confidence, in a safe and encouraging environment, to try...

The body knows MOVEMENT, not muscle. So we believe you should MOVE better and FEEL better, to LIVE a more fulfilling life! 🙌🏼

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